Halloween for the Adults

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Although Halloween is the spookiest time of the year when kids get the leverage to stay out late trick-or-treating, this festival also brings adults to party and have fun. This article will present some of the most wanted adult Halloween party ideas, including make-over to the fun games, scrumptious dishes to the scariest movies, jello shots, and much more. This article will elaborate on the best adults-only Halloween party ideas you can try this year to make your day a memento of happiness.

Do you know that last year the Americans spent 8.8 Billion dollars on purchasing different commodities for Halloween? The spendings are widespread, from costumes to toys, pumpkins, face-paintings, home decor, bakery and cuisines, exquisite drinks, alcohol, and beverages. If you thought spendings are only limited to candies, you might be mistaken.

Halloween is the scariest yet precious time of the year. The mischievousness associated with this event can not be overlooked. This last Sunday of October is dedicated to fun, horror, and naughtiness. Whether you are joining friends, relatives, or colleagues in an adults-only Halloween party or hosting such a party, the following ideas will certainly elevate the aura of your surrounding.

The Delicious Cuisines:

Who does not love food? Halloween is a mischievous October day where unappetizing food becomes exciting. There are infinite possibilities to prepare mind-boggling and disturbing treats. A few regular options are ghost cookies, meatball brains, spaghetti, and pigs in blankets disguised as severed fingers. Do you know that you can transform all your appetizers, main dishes, and desserts into a festive surprise? For example, you can fill the cake with cranberry juice, so apparently, it bleeds when to cut through.

This year you can transform the traditional food offerings with the following mouth-watering cuisines:

The Spider Cookies:


Spider cookies are scary yet irresistible. These peanut butter cookies are decorated with whoopers. It will hardly take thirty minutes to bake all these cookies. The recipe is very simple and easy. You can search online for quick recipes.

The Meat Ball Mummies:

The meatball mummies are a fun-filled transformation of hotdog mummies, adorable and easy to make. You can use strands of spaghetti inserted in meatballs to stabilize them and easily remove them before baking. You can use regular ketchup or Mayo as dip sauce.

image 1

The Eggs-quisites:

Use boiled eggs cut in half with the decorated yolk. A Thai curry paste can be used to give an additional pumpkin look. You can use paprika, mustard, coconut milk, and mayonnaise for additional flavors.

image 2

The Booze:

The next essential item on the agenda of adult Halloween party ideas is alcohol. Adults’ parties are incomplete without beverages. Whether it is a regular beer or improvised jello shots, there is no denying the joy alcohol brings to the party. In my opinion, every Halloween party needs a punch bowl. You can upgrade your serving style using a cauldron; for additional scary effects, purchase a zombie hand holding the ladle while serving. Food-grade dry ice can be used inside a cauldron for the scariest foggy effects and keep the poison chilled.

Apart from making your guests think twice before they consume eyeballs or skull dry-ice cubes, you can use the following boozy punch recipes as well:

The Mad Scientist Drink:

You can use the mad scientist theme and serve glowing drinks to your guests in designer crockery looking like laboratory equipment. All love this theme-based booze. A lot of ideas are available online to create this dope.\

image 3

The Pomegranate Rum-Punch:

Your party can shift to the next level with this bloody-looking spiced rum. This elegant drink contains cinnamon, pomegranate juice, and hibiscus tea for added flavors.

image 4

The Tea Cider Punch:

As the fall approaches, temperatures are decreased drastically with bone-chilling cold winds all around. You can brew this hot toddy with seasonal cider flavors to keep your guests warm.

image 5

The Margaritas Classic:

Halloween’s spirit can be lifted with some thoughtful variants of margaritas. You can add some food colors or black sanding sugar to give those drinks an upscale feel.

image 6

The Iconic Themes:

Adopting a specific theme for your Halloween bash can certainly bring it to the next level. A particular theme can be challenging for both the host and guests to bring their A-game to the party. A theme can influence your choice about your attire, the costume, the games, decorations, catering, food and drinks, invitation designs, and much more.  Following is a list of suggestions for this year’s trending theme-based Halloween Eve.

The Wild West:

There is nothing compared to a wild west-themed evening. You can plan the inclusion of wild west-based games and foods as well as music at your party. Guests can arrive in different western costumes. You can elevate the mood with whiskey cocktails, saloon decor, and many treats.

image 7

The Zombie Acoplyse:

Who does not love a spooky zombie-based Halloween theme? You can decorate your living space with scary images or paintings; the food can be offered in frightening body parts shape, the color of beverages can be set to spook guests. On the other hand, you can ask guests to arrive in zombie or walking-dead costumes. The music and games can also help set the right tone for your party.

image 8

The Speakeasy Theme:

You can employ this particular theme whereby the guests can enter some special code or password to enter the party. The touch of secrecy is presented with this theme. You can set the decorations to dim lightnings, vintage glassware, the twentieth-century costumes, illicit drinks like bourbon, minty rum mojito, Pickford, or sidecar(a combination of brandy, orange liqueur, and lemon juice).

image 9

The Haunted House:

The haunted house theme is the most popular in the context of Halloween for centuries. It is perhaps the oldest theme to ensure delight. The sticky cobwebs, eerie potion bottles, glass dome, or candle bars with melting wax are a few suggestions to decorate your home for the event. You can also ask the guest to use costumes of their favourite Halloween characters.

image 10

The Black Tie-Affair:

The attire involving your elegant black/white suit with shiny heels, pearls and gold, dinner jackets and pocket squares, tuxedos brings another amazing theme known as the black affair. You can also tailor the party menu with cheeseburgers, hamburgers, sparkling wine, or tacos.

image 11

The Party Games:

After the food, drinks, themes, and attire, the adult Halloween eve demands certain games for fun, entertainment, and blast. You can pick a game synchronizing with your party’s theme. Following are a few games you can try:

The Pumpkin Bowling: Set up a few bowling pins in your lawn or backyard to be knocked down with pumpkins; as the night grows darker, the weirder the game gets.

The Sleepover Blast-from-Past: The old board games you used to play in your adolescence. It will be a nice touch to give those games another try. For instance, the games like Light as a feather, Bloody Mary, or stiff as a board are a few good options.

The Cards Game: The innovation with regular poker, black Jack, or bluff can give your party another buzz. You can place a few decks on few playing tables. For closed groups, you can try strip poker as well.

The Murder Mystery: Who does not love solving a crime scene? A few games like murder mystery can prove exciting and bring good entertainment. You can improvise by assigning characters to players involves in murder mystery game scenarios and let things go their way.

The Mummy Wrap: The amazingly simple game involving toilet paper and humans. Just divide your guests into a few teams with lots of toilet paper and one man/woman in the centre of each team as the mummy. The other team members are required to wrap this toilet paper around the mummy. The team which finishes the job first wins.

The Punch Pong: you must have played beer-pong in college. It might be fun to recreate those memories by including this peculiar game in your adult Halloween party. You can use an orange punch or pumpkin beer as per your likelihood.

The Pumpkin Carving Contest: It will be fun arranging a few pumpkins for the carving contest for your guests. You can set the categories for the scariest, cutest, or funniest pumpkin. Let your imaginations drive this contest for Halloween.

The Dance Floor:

A dance floor with the latest pop, rock, or jazz will certainly add to the overwhelming Halloween eve celebrations. You can organize a dance contest, hire a DJ for the night, pick some guests as judges, and vote between guests to play a certain song and witness the dance skills of the contestants. You can also purchase a fake plaque or ball trophy for the competition winners.

The Home Theater:

A lot of movies are available for rentals or making your evening worthy. You may arrange a few scary or thriller movies for your guest to entertain them through the night. A few movie recommendations are as follows:

  •     “Evil” on Netflix
  •      Lovecraft Country
  •      Helstrom
  •      Penny Dreadful: City of Angels
  •      Mr. Mercedes
  •      Hocus Pocus

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