When to Celebrate Halloween 2021?

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How to Celebrate Halloween 2021?

Do you know what day Halloween is in 2021? It is on Sunday, 31st October this year. Halloween began as a Celtic festival. The Samhain people would put on costumes to scare off ghosts in Spain. Although later on, Catholic Christians adopted this as a religious festival as “ All Saint’s Day” in the eighth century. However, according to the rest of the world, Halloween 2021 is a day for merrymaking, jack-o-lanterns, and parties.

Halloween 2021

Celebrating Halloween 2021:

The festivities of Halloween are unlimited. The kids wear different costumes and go out for trick-or-treating or purchasing their favourite Squish mallows toys. According to Squish mallows, they are unveiling a new line-up for Halloween 2021. The Halloween 2021 Squish mallows include all characters dressed up in Halloween costumes, including the aspiring astronomer Emily a.k.a. “The Black Cat,” the party-loving mummy-owl Holly, Grace the ghost wearing a witch hat, and Tally, the vampire tabby cat.

So far, the Squish mallows have been introduced in more than 1000 characters, in 40 countries selling 85 million plushes. These squish mallows are available in various sizes, including 5 inches, 8 inches, 12 inches, 16 inches, 20 inches, and 24 inches. The target is set this year for the sale of 100 million squish mallows. The squish mallows are available for purchase on Amazon and squishmallows.com. The cost lies between $6.99 – $69.99.

In addition to that, bonfires, face painting, and grave decorating are a few good options for celebrating Halloween 2021. Kids mat select dresses from the past colonial ancestors and pull tricks on neighbors. Scaring friends and neighbors is fun, yet care must be taken while executing such jokes as no one wants to be petrified to death on a Halloween’s eve.

The Pandemic and lockdown’s impact:

I am afraid this year’s Halloween might be different than usual. In New York, for example, trick-or-treating is curtailed, as well as parades called off. Nevertheless, there are multiple ways to spook and please the little ones.

The Paradigm Shift:

The in-person meet or greet might be restricted, but no one can stop kids from having fun in the virtual world online. Some websites have arranged for virtual tours to scary houses, ghost farms, and much more. As kids are used to learning online, they might have lots of fun on the internet. On the contrary, with vaccines around the corner, it is expected that this year’s Halloween might turn out super fun.

The Theatrical Activities:

Children might be able to enjoy Basil’s spider. A scream contest, TikTok costume contest, short play, and kids’ corner are also planned to occur this year. The downtown legends like Eevrret Quinon, Austin Pendleton, and Penny Arcade will make appearances from the East Village.

Monster Mash:

You must be familiar with the famous monster mash. This year there are two Halloween family concerts scheduled to be led by Laurie Berkner. As a Children’s Troubadour, he will lead kids in a holiday-themed singalong. A zoom concert by Latin grammy winner, Mister G, is also scheduled for families in America and Mexico.

The Scary Movies:

If thee cinemas are inaccessible this year, you can have tour kids watch these fantastic movies filled with horror, thrill, and chills. I recommend starting with “Deathtrap,” which is a classic horror-comedy by Sidney Lumet. It is also available for online rental. The second on the list is “Rope” (Peacock), a claustrophobic Patrick Hamilton drama directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The third movie I would suggest watching is “Wait Until Dark.” Alan Arkin is playing the role of a blind woman in this classic piece of art.

Visit Cemetery:

You can take your kids to pay homage to the dead people by visiting the Greenwood Cemetry. There is also an event scheduled down there. Apart from that, you can also have a walking tour with N.Y.C. Ghosts. The stops included in this tour are Jefferson Market Library and the triangle shirtwaist factory fire site.

Spooking Kids:

If kids are restricted to houses this year, and they don’t like watching scary movies either, the following is a list of movies your children might not be able to resist;

  1. It’s The Great Pumpkin by Charlie Brown
  2. Hotel Transylvania, also available on amazon prime
  3. Monter, Inc. ( on Disney +)
  4. Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of The Were-Rabbit
  5. Kiki’s Delivery Service (HBO Max)

The Surveys:

Do you know that Halloween is an 8.8 Billion dollar industry? According to NRF, the national retail federation consumer spendings rose to 8 billion $ in America last year on Halloween.  The survey also shows 58% of parents are in favor of celebrations, and the rest are against celebrating Halloween.


Whether you are a teenager, parent, or kid, Halloween is the time for you to enjoy. Bake, cook or order your favourite food and keep the holiday spirit alive. You can also decorate your house go to a party, or throw a party!

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